New Style: Sophie Silk Christening Gown



A truly stunning work of art, our new Sophie christening gown is nothing short of breathtaking! This set includes the beautifully made extra-long gown over a separate cotton slip, and gorgeous headband–all trimmed with 100% silk ribbons.


  1. ignes collado says:

    Hi, I absolutely love the Sophie Hand-crocheted Christening Gown! I was wondering if you still have it since I could not find it on the website. If you do have it please let me know and let me know the price. My daughter will be almost 4 months for her christening so I would need a 3 month old dress size. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Since the event is in less than a month , I really need to get her a dress ASAP 🙂

    thank you!

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Ignes–I’ll email you also, but wanted to touch base with you in case you check here: I’ll check our warehouse and see if we might have one still hanging around. 🙂

      • Diana Cardiel says:

        Hello, I too have the same question for you. I baptise my daughter at the end of this month she is 3 months going on 4. Do you have the dress available? Please let me know price so I can let Godmother know as well as shipping too. Thanks.

  2. jasmine says:

    Hi, my daughter’s baptism is in 2 months, she will be 8 months. I’d like to know if you have any more of these dresses?? Please email me. Thanks

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