Piper Summer Christening Dress

Lovely raw-edge chiffon flowers. Three layers of shimmering tricot. A splash of colorful satin. Our newest Christening dress is super chic! The Piper is perfect for your summer party!

Piper Summer Christening Dress

All About the Piper:

Our newest dress is fit for an angel! The Piper is a simple A-line design with gorgeous details. A bouquet of chiffon roses makes a beautiful bodice. There are three rows of these pretty raw-edge flowers. The sheer cap sleeves are comfortably soft, so they won’t restrict her range of motion. Three layers of silky tricot make for a shimmery skirt. We love how gracefully the raw edges sweep the floor! Let her personality shine through with a colored satin sash. Tie it at her back or put the bow in front! Choose from pink, coral, baby blue, lavender or white. The sash is belted with subtle loops under each arm, so it won’t slide down.

The Piper dress is super comfortable! It’s made from Chiffon and Tricot. Each are soft and breathable fabrics. Not to mention super light-weight. She’ll feel like she’s wearing a cloud!  Plus, no restrictive stiffness. Three simple buttons do up the back.

Finish the Look:

Our adorable Piper dress is shown above with our Rose Bow Headband. Add our Day-Length Slip and Lace Ruffle Satin Slippers. Her gorgeous summer Christening outfit is complete!


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