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 About us…

Hi, I am Katy and my husband Kendall and I are the second generation owners of our family business One Small Child.  Our company was started by Kendall’s mom Ramona, over 33 years ago when she started making slips on her sewing machine in the basement of her house. She opened stores in the local community to sell her growing collection of frilly creations. Many in our community still talk about those gorgeous gowns purchased many years ago.  She found her niche in creating beautiful christening gowns and outfits. The gowns were originally sold wholesale in high-end boutiques and department stores including Nordstroms.  In 2004 we became an exclusively e-commerce business and quit wholesale distribution.  We chose to sell directly to consumers so that we could more fully meet the needs of customers that need a great selection and full size ranges available to ship immediately. It has been very rewarding to have a direct connection with the customers that we serve. We love nothing more than to see pictures of our gowns and outfits being used in ceremonies, and we greatly enjoy being a part of those special memories.

How it began for us…
Our love story actually began in this little shop.  I (Katy) was working a high school job as a seamstress for Kendall’s mom.  He was returning from a church mission in Ecuador and needed a temporary job until his college classes started.  He started helping his mom with her brand new cutting machine and doing some book work.  He enjoyed the business aspect of One Small Child so much that he decided to continue working there.  We worked together for over a year before he asked me out on our first date!  In a nutshell, we were married, had a baby, suffered for many years with infertility and miscarriages and miraculously were able to adopt 3 amazing children and have much to thank God for in our lives.  I still get emotional when I say we are a family of 6! I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be blessed with such an incredible family.  Because of our experience with infertility and the added misfortune of losing babies thru miscarriages we are passionate about donating gowns or outfits to families that have lost their baby.  It is something we care deeply about and this is how we have chosen to give back.

Fast forward…
Kendall and I purchased the business in 2015, and we have loved working together!   Somedays it feels like quite the jump from being a seamstress and employee to the actual owner, but we have enjoyed the ups and downs of the new adventure!  While I don’t get to sew anymore (which I miss, but four kiddos does keep me busy),  it seems that starting as a seamstress led to the perfect fit for designing.  It is pretty thrilling to take our laces and fabrics and design something that will be used for such a grand event!  We have some of THE best seamstresses and the greatest team that TRULY want your day to be perfect!  I love watching beautiful things leave our shop and into the arms of a mom who is excited to dress her beautiful baby in a gown or outfit just for them and prepare for the special ceremony that is about to take place


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