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Your Communion Dresses: Gillian

  Miss Danielle First Communion Dresses | Portrait Ideas at One Small Child

Jo Ann wrote this kind note in regards to the Miss Destiny communion dress she purchased for her grand-daughter last year:

“Thought you might like to see a picture of one of your dresses on a First Communicant. Gillian made her Communion on May 19th, 2007 and, of course got “oohs” and “aahs” on the dress. One mother was overheard to say to another: ‘That’s the Destiny Dress.’ She was the only one with that dress out of 150 children and wore it again at the request of the pastor at her ‘Second Communion’ the next Sunday along with the other children. Her mom was very impressed with the way the dress was packaged when received. She said it was like ‘opening a present!’ Thanks for helping make her day special.”