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DIY Christening Party Decor: No-Sew Bunting

We created this sweet bunting for our lookbook, and thought we’d share the how-to with you!

DIY New Sew Bunting Tutorial

Materials needed:

  • 1 roll jute twine
  • An extra pair of hands (for braiding the twine)
  • 1/3 yard pieces of coordinating fabrics ~ as many as you want, we used  5 prints for this bunting
  • Cutting mat + ruler & rotary cutter -or- good fabric scissors
  • Disappearing ink marker
  • Hot glue gun / glue


1-Determine how long you want your bunting to be.
2-Cut 3 lengths of twine, about 12″ longer than you want the finished product to be.
3-Tie the 3 pieces of twine together at one end.

No Sew Bunting Tutorial

4-Loosely braid twine…you’ll want one person to hold the end, & one to braid. It’s a little tricky, you have to braid for a bit & unravel the loose ends of the twine as you work. When twine is all braided, tie ends of twine together.

New Sew Bunting Tutorial Braiding

6-Cut your fabric into triangles. Here’s how I did it:

*Fold your fabric, lay it down on your cutting mat & square up the cut edge. Then cut it into a 12″ strip.

DIY No Sew Bunting Tutorial Cut Fabric Strip

*At the top of the strip, measure 5″ from the selvage edge & make a mark. Make another mark 10″ from the first, and so on.

*On the bottom edge of the strip, measure 10″ from the selvage edge & make a mark. Make another mark 10″ from the first, and so on.

No Sew Bunting Tutorial Measures

*Lay your ruler down and cut the triangles from the marks you made, as shown in the diagram above & the photo below.

DIY No Sew Bunting Tutorial Cut Triangles

7-Determine how you want to lay out your fabric triangles, glue the tops to the twine. Be careful to not burn yourself!

DIY No Sew Bunting Tutorial Layout Glue

8-Enjoy your finished bunting!

DIY No Sew Bunting