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Hi, I am Katy and my husband Kendall and I are the second generation owners of our family business One Small Child. Click on "ABOUT" above to read more about us.




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Your Christening Gowns: Baby Hannah Rose

Natalia Silk Baptism Gown

Susan, Hannah Rose’s mother writes,

“…no one else puts the tender love, care and detailing into sewing like you! The christening gown you made our second daughter is the most beautiful I have ever seen, and it is perfectly adorable on her!

Our daughter was christened back East to continue an almost 280 year tradition at our family’s church. It was quite an affair. We recently moved to the West Coast from the East Coast. My christening gown was too small to continue the tradition. I had much difficulty finding a long beautiful, handmade traditional styled christening gown with long sleeves. Most department stores have too few selections and not very pretty.

I purchased the “Ava” dress from your One Small Child website… Everyone asked if the christening gown was an heirloom. Needless to say, it is now. Thank you so much for your attention to details in style, great customer service and your kindness.”

Note: Our Ava dress is no longer available, however, please see our Natalia gown for something similar–pictured above