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Hi, I am Katy and my husband Kendall and I are the second generation owners of our family business One Small Child. Click on "ABOUT" above to read more about us.




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Camisole Bodysuit

Christening Undercover

Have you given any thought to what goes under a christening gown or outfit? So much depends on what you’re working with and looking for. Is the fabric of your gown a light-weight sheer cotton or a heavy satin?  Is your gown short or long? Do you like a little extra pouf under a dress? Or do you just…

Preserving Your Christening Gown

So what do you do with your christening gown or christening outfit after the big day? Here are a few suggestions for preserving your child’s heirloom for future generations: Dry clean or hand-wash the christening gown or christening outfit as directed on the clothing tag. Stains and body oils can irreparably discolor the fabric. If…

Personalize It

The milestones and special occasions of childhood come and go so quickly…sometimes they seem to pass in a blur. These events bring with them moments and memories you don’t want to forget. Ever. The softness of a rosy cheek, the curve of delicate lashes, the scent of baby skin, the feel of a tiny hand…

What Color is Your Christening Gown?

Have you ever considered going pink for her christening gown? Every congregation has different requirements…some prefer all-white attire for christening, but one of the trends of the past few years has been incorporating color into christening gowns and christening outfits. I must admit here that I like to do traditional with a little twist. My…

Cross Lace Fascinator First Communion Headpieces | Hair Accessories for Girls

Crosses for Christening and Communion

For members of christian faiths that reverence the sign of the cross, the selection of a First Communion dress, christening gown, christening outfit or christening accessory adorned with the cross can be a meaningful expression of devotion.  We at One Small Child are pleased to offer many options for including this symbology in your special…