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Hi, I am Katy and my husband Kendall and I are the second generation owners of our family business One Small Child. Click on "ABOUT" above to read more about us.




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Feeling Nostalgic: Mother and Baby Christening Necklace Gift Set {Discontinued}

I’m working on uploading several new items to the site this week, and find myself feeling particularly nostalgic about this one.

Maybe it’s that my own children are growing up (ages 6, 8, 11)…and that I read this post yesterday, which reminded me that they are no longer babies.

Maybe it’s that I had the chance to snuggle this little model last night, and cannot help but feel a tug at my heart whenever I raise a tiny curled-up newborn to my shoulder.

Maybe it’s that I can literally see the closeness between this sweet boy and his lovely Mama in the photos I’ve been editing.

At any rate, it has me thinking a lot about the bond that grows between a precious child and the important women in his/her life. I love this gorgeous pearl cross necklace set as a symbol of that bond…a poignant token of the connection between a mother/godmother/grandmother and a beloved child.