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About Us

Hi, I am Katy and my husband Kendall and I are the second generation owners of our family business One Small Child. Click on "ABOUT" above to read more about us.




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Violins with Grandma | Spending Time with Family

Spending Time with Grandparents

For the past several years, my sweet Eighty-something grandmother has volunteered every week to play piano for folks in local nursing homes and assisted living facilities. She has an incredibly large repertoire of songs, all of which she plays by request for her darling audiences, entirely from memory. This summer, my daughters were able to…

One Small Child New Logo | Christening Gowns & Outfits

The New Face of One Small Child

We’ve been busily working on a new look for our web site for the past few months, and are pleased to introduce you to the new ‘face’ of One Small Child! Things are still in the ironing out stage, but it’s coming together beautifully. We hope you enjoy shopping with us and can feel a…

Mom Talk: Kids and Technology | One Small Child

Kids and Technology: Mom Talk

No doubt about it, the relationship between kids and technology is something every mom needs to consider. Here are our thoughts, what are yours? Samantha: Mindful Media Use in the Infant Stage There has been a lot of talk lately about technology, and the effects it has on children. We’ve learned it’s important to limit and monitor children’s…

Christening Invitations by Biplane Press | One Small Child Giveaway

Biplane Press Christening Invitations: A Giveaway

We’re huge fans of these elegant letterpress Christening invitations by Biplane Press–in fact, we love them so much we included them in our Vintage Christening Party! Pia Townsend is the artisan behind this design studio & letterpress shop located in the UK. Her invitations and stationery are individually pressed on a 100-year-old cast iron printing press, using this gorgeously thick…

Paradise Sugar Cookie Recipes

Paradise Sugar Cookies Recipe

We made these delightful cookies for our Vintage Inspired Christening Party, and have to share: they are THAT good. The cookie is more like a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread than a traditional soft sugar cookie, and it is over-the-top delicious with the fluffy frosting. The recipe was found on this cooking blog via Pinterest, it’s touted as a…

Vintage Inspired Christening Party

Join us for a vintage inspired christening party! All you need is a sweet baby girl (dressed in our darling eyelet Everleigh Eyelet Dress), a fun location, and some yummy food. We shopped our homes to pull together this eclectic little event: a unifying color scheme made it easy to create a vintage vibe that really…